In 2015, Karen and Gina Stefani solidified their passion for the hospitality industry by rebranding Phil Stefani Signature Events and becoming a certified Women Business Enterprise. This proud family tradition began with Phil in 1980 when he and his Uncle Lino opened their flagship restaurant, Stefani’s, in the heart of Lincoln Park.  Today, Inspired Catering and Events prides itself on its unparalleled customer service, quality and attention to detail.  Together with a dedicated staff, Inspired Catering and Events brings the legacy of the company to over 100 off premise venues, Chicago street fairs, and in-home private dining.  

The kitchen is under the direction of Chef Elizabeth Tokarczyk.  Chef Liz’s creative culinary style is mostly Eastern European influenced from family, however Latin flavors take the forefront.  She enjoys sourcing ingredients from local farmers markets and believes in local sustainability.  “Shopping at these venues makes me weak in the knees.”

Storybook Weddings & Events is a boutique event production company based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded on the understanding that a couple’s journey to the altar is longer than their walk down the aisle, Storybook has built a planning model that encourages couples to create an engagement time as memorable as the wedding day.

Storybook offers a selection of seamless wedding planning experiences, which grants the opportunity to design a wedding day for couples who desire to host an impressive and elegant event. Coordination and Wedding Management is also provided for those wishing to take a solo planning journey with the relief of knowing they will have a skilled team to take on the work and complete the plans, in the months leading up to the wedding day.

Craft Lighting

Craft Lighting creates unique and memorable experiences through custom lighting, sound and special effects design. From nightlife to live entertainment, permanent installations to single-night events, we use our combined three decades of experience to craft the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

Kehoe Logo

At Kehoe Designs, what is imagined becomes reality-always with an element of allure.  Our goal is to create a reaction, generate an emotion, and stimulate untapped possibilities.  As a nationally recognized company, Kehoe Designs has elevated the standard of excellence in event door for more than 20 years.  From transforming contemporary design into legendary events to driving brand campaigns, and creating one-of-a-kind weddings, we develop high style concepts that are authentic and captivating.  Prepare for the ride as you watch our vision unfold.

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